Outdoor One Shoulder Hang Pet Carrier

  • Your pet deserves to see the outside as much as you do.

    This bag is truly an amazing one to use especially if you love bringing your pets outside to appreciate the surroundings or simply travel with them. The good thing about this is that this has been made to be breathable and 100% comfortable. With that, you can rest assured that this would never cause any harmful effects to the pet. This would also not make them feel any kind of uneasiness at all. Apart from this being so comfortable is that is made to have strong durability that could last for a long time. There's no need for you to keep on buying a new one because just one of these is already more than enough for long-lasting use.

    Outdoor One Shoulder Hang Pet Carrier is made to be worn with only one part of your shoulder or you can use this as a crossbody bag. That has been designed like that so you can have a guarantee that this would never give you a hard time carrying this no matter what happens. Another amazing thing about this is that no matter how beautiful this looks. It would never give you a hard time maintaining it as it is. This would look good as new with only little to no effort from you. This also comes in two wonderful colors so you can choose the one that suits your satisfaction the most.

    • Breathable: This is made from breathable mesh cloth so you can be certain that your pet will never feel suffocated while in here.
    • Durable: It is meant to last for a long time so you can rely on its strong durability and long-lasting life span.
    • Convenient: This will never give you a struggle as this only has one strap to hang on your shoulder.
    • Premium Quality: Since this undergoes very meticulous craftsmanship, you can expect this to have the finest details for your satisfaction.
    • Dimension: (S)14*13*26cm/35*5*10in | (M)14*16*30cm/35*6*12in
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